Speak! Inspire! Teach!

It all began when I was invited to share my insights on what I write about. Since that moment, my passion for speaking has only grown, leading me to present at over 64 universities and engage audiences in more than 12 countries, totaling 315 sessions across a diverse array of conferences, meetups, and events. My topics range from career planning, AI, user experience design, cloud computing, and more.

Here is where I’m planning to be next;

IEEE Turkey Xtreme Camp'24Prompt EngineeringJul 23, 2024Istanbul, Turkey

Here is a list of my past speaking activities, primarily kept for nostalgic reasons :)


BADI EventsPrompt EngineeringJul 18, 2024Online
Proxify Developer SeriesPrompt EngineeringJun 13, 2024Online
Gazi University AI'2SECMeet my AI SidekickMay 28, 2024Ankara, Turkey
FiraTech 2024Meet my AI SidekickMay 26, 2024Elazig, Turkey
Sanko Holding Annual Top Management SummitThe Use of AI in Global Software ApplicationsMay 24, 2024Antalya, Turkey
Uskudar University Industry and Leadership Days 8Journeying Beyond OutcomesMay 22, 2024Istanbul, Turkey
Sparks of Turkey CommunityInnovation, Entrepreneurship, and Artificial IntelligenceMay 20, 2024Online
Yasar UniversityMeet my AI SidekickMay 18, 2024Izmir, Turkey
Mugla University IEEE Kariyer-In ConferencePrompt EngineeringMay 18, 2024Mugla, Turkey
Mehmet Akif Ersoy UniversityMeet my AI SidekickMay 16, 2024Online
Proxify Developer SeriesAI Enchanced Developer ProductivityMay 16, 2024Online
Trakya University Information and Innovation Summit 2024Meet my AI SidekickMay 15, 2024Edirne, Turkey
Duzce UniversityMeet my AI SidekickMay 13, 2024Duzce, Turkey
Istanbul Health and Technology UniversityMeet my AI SidekickMay 11, 2024Istanbul, Turkey
IEEE Computer Society Congress 2024 (Atilim University)Meet my AI SidekickMay 10, 2024Ankara, Turkey
Aksaray UniversityMeet my AI SidekickMay 9, 2024Aksaray, Turkey
Microsoft Build AI Conference TurkeyPrompt Engineering to Production with LLMOpsMay 8, 2024Istanbul, Turkey
Cozumpark Azure Conference 2024Meet my AI SidekickMay 7, 2024Istanbul, Turkey
Kastamonu UniversityMeet my AI SidekickMay 5, 2024Kastamonu, Turkey
Isparta University SuDGoTechMeet my AI SidekickMay 3, 2024Isparta, Turkey
Karabuk UniversityMeet my AI SidekickApr 30, 2024Karabuk, Turkey
3rd Interdisciplinary Artificial Intelligence Congress (Ege University)Meet my AI SidekickApr 28, 2024Izmir, Turkey
Uskudar University Tech Summit 2024Meet my AI SidekickApr 27, 2024Istanbul, Turkey
Coderspace Software and Technology SchoolKeynoteApr 25, 2024Online
Middle East Techical UniversityMeet my AI SidekickApr 25, 2024Ankara, Turkey
Mugla University Internet Week 2024Meet my AI SidekickApr 21, 2024Mugla, Turkey
Eastern Mediterranean University AI SummitMeet my AI SidekickApr 20, 2024Famagusta, North Cyprus
Microsoft Reactor-Spotlight on App InnovationBuilding Intelligent Apps with AI and LLMsApr 3, 2024Online
Erciyes University IEEE Computer SocietyMeet my AI SidekickMar 22, 2024Kayseri, Turkey
Microsoft Reactor-Spotlight on App InnovationFinding the Perfect Spot for Your ContainersMar 19, 2024Online
Istanbul International Community School Career FairThe Magic Behind the ScreenMar 13, 2024Istanbul, Turkey
BILMOK 2024Meet my AI SidekickMar 10, 2024Istanbul, Turkey
Erzurum Technical UniversityMeet my AI SidekickMar 8, 2024Erzurum, Turkey
Toros Tech FairMeet my AI SidekickMar 1, 2024Mersin, Turkey
Marmara University Data Fusion 1.0Applied AIFeb 29, 2024Istanbul, Turkey
Epic AI Dev SummitAI Prototyping to Production with PromptflowJan 30, 2024Online


GDG DevFest IspartaMeet my AI SidekickDec 26, 2023Online
GDG DevFest EskisehirMeet my AI SidekickDec 23, 2023Eskisehir, Turkey
GDG DevFest KonyaMeet my AI SidekickDec 16, 2023Konya, Turkey
Getek'23Future of CoPilots and AgentsDec 14, 2023Istanbul, Turkey
Mus Alparslan Universitesi Yazilim FestivaliMeet my AI SidekickDec 13, 2023Mus, Turkey
GDG DevFest BursaMeet my AI SidekickDec 9, 2023Bursa, Turkey
AI Startup Factory Is BankInnovation through Apps and LLMsDec 5, 2023Istanbul, Turkey
GDG DevFest IzmirMeet my AI SidekickDec 2, 2023Izmir, Turkey
Emerge International Tech ConferenceHow Startups Can Adapt and Thrive with Gen AI & AI in generalOct 3, 2023Istanbul, Turkey
Google Developer Groups BursaPrompt EngineeringSep 06, 2023Online
Huawei Developer Group TurkeyApplied AI: Foundations and FutureSep 3, 2023Online
Microsoft Founder’s Hub TrainingsAzure OpenAI 101Jun 19, 2023Online
Bandirma Onyedi Eylul UniversityThe Role of Artificial Intelligence in Engineering ManagementMay 22, 2023Online
Global AI Hub WebinarsGenerative AI for EveryoneMay 08, 2023Online
Microsoft Azure Bootcamp 03FaaS For Everyone, EverywhereMay 6, 2023Dublin, Ireland
Internet Week 2023Boosting Developer Velocity Through Culture and AIApr 15, 2023Mugla, Turkey


GDG IzmirBuilding a Human Capital Through Engineering LeadershipDec 17, 2022Izmir, Turkey
GDG DenizliSkyrocketing Developer Velocity: A talk about Github and AIDec 10, 2022Denizli, Turkey
GDG KonyaSkyrocketing Developer Velocity: A talk about Github and AIDec 3, 2022Konya, Turkey
GDG Burdur)Skyrocketing Developer Velocity: A talk about Github and AINov 27, 2022Burdur, Turkey
xpand conference 2022Function Orchestration in the World of ServerlessOct 22, 2022Amman, Jordan
7. Tourism Technologies DayRapid Application Innovation Through AIOct 20, 2022Antalya, Turkey
Data Platform Virtual Summit 2022Discover Serverless Data for Serverless Apps.Sep 20, 2022Online
Serverless Days Student Edition 2022Function Orchestration in the World of ServerlessAug 20, 2022Online
Global AI Hub AI Summer CampInnovate now with Applied AI ServicesAug 3, 2022Online
Zirvedekiler 2022A Look at Cloud Computing, Today and Tomorrow.Jun 3, 2022Istanbul, Turkey
BILMOK 2022A Look at Cloud Computing, Today and Tomorrow.May 14, 2022Konya, Turkey
Global Azure 2022What’s in Azure for your mobile projects?May 5, 2022Online
Microsoft Reactor Middle East and AfricaServerless on the Microsoft StackMar 22, 2022Online
AI Days Google DSC BeykentBuilding a Career around AIJan 7, 2022Online


AI Fest AnkaraInnovate now with Applied AI ServicesDec 18, 2021Ankara, Turkey
Karel IT Strategy Day 2021App Innovation as Part of Your Cloud StrategyDec 8, 2021Online
DotNetConf Turkey 2021Serverless .NET 6 with Azure FunctionsNov 28, 2021Online
Update Conference Prague 2021Function Orchestration in the World of ServerlessNov 18, 2021Online
Google DevFest KonyaCloud 101Nov 6, 2021Konya, Turkey
Azure Community Conference 2021The ML Hero’s Secret Weapon: AutoMLOct 30, 2021Online
Microsoft Rapid Innovation HackfestEnable AI-powered cloud search to Existing WebsitesOct 6, 2021Online
Data Platform Virtual Summit 2021The ML Hero’s Secret Weapon: AutoMLSep 13, 2021Online
Global AI On TourAI-Infused SearchJun 17, 2021Online
ESPC21No-Code Conversational AI and BotsJun 2, 2021Online
CloudTalk MatchMaking Summit 2021Intro to ML Ops in AzureMay 26, 2021Online
Microsoft Build 2021Rapid Innovation Framework in Middle East & Africa: Demo ExtravaganzaMay 26, 2021Online
Global AI Night Istanbul 2021Responsible MLApr 24, 2021Online
Google DevFest TurkeyThe ML Hero’s Secret Weapon: AutoMLMar 12, 2021Online
GDG Duzce AI NightsAll AI Q&A SessionFeb 28, 2021Online
Microsoft Turkey Developer Cloud SummitCommunity TalkFeb 16, 2021Online
Cozumpark Hybrid Cloud WebinarA Developers Perspective on Hybrid CloudJan 7, 2021Online


Data Platform Summit 2020CosmosDB: Jack of all Trades, Master of ManyDec 4, 2020Online
Azure Community Conference IndiaFunction Orchestration in the World of ServerlessNov 24, 2020Online
SAU The World of AlgorithmsPractical AINov 6, 2020Online
Power BI Turkey MeetupAzure Synapse 101Oct 10, 2020Online
Microsoft Reactor Abu Dhabi MeetupFunction Orchestration in the World of ServerlessOct 6,2020Online
Global AI HubServerless AIJul 11, 2020Online
Çözümpark Tech TalksData Analytics Coffee TalkJun 23, 2020Online
Çözümpark Tech TalksAI in Real-LifeJun 16, 2020Online
CloudTalk OnlineDevOps On-Prem and OnlineMay 8,2020Online
International Women Day 2020 ZonguldakImplementing AI into your apps Without Learning AIApr 26,2020Online
Global Azure Virtual 2020 ConferenceFunction Orchestration in the World of ServerlessApr 24,2020Online
GDevs BursaServerless AIApr 12,2020Online
Global AI Community Virtual Tour 2020Implementing AI into your Apps without Learning AIApr 8,2020Online
Azure Cognitive Services DayMastering Azure Cognitive ServicesMar 8,2020Online
Karabük University IT DaysImplementing AI into your Apps without Learning AIMar 1,2020Online
GeekDay 2020Serverless Boost for Your Next StartupFeb 28,2020Online
Microsoft Turkey Edu RoundtablesDevOps, PaaS, and Serverless for EducationFeb 22, 2020Online


Google DevFest IspartaImplementing AI into your Apps without Learning AIDec 21, 2019Isparta, Turkey
Google DevFest ManisaImplementing AI into your Apps without Learning AIDec 19, 2019Manisa, Turkey
Adana Software and Technologies Summit 2019Implementing AI into your Apps without Learning AIDec 17, 2019Adana, Turkey
Google DevFest BurdurImplementing AI into your Apps without Learning AIDec 14, 2019Burdur, Turkey
Google DevFest TrabzonImplementing AI into your Apps without Learning AIDec 13, 2019Trabzon, Turkey
Google DevFest DuzceImplementing AI into your Apps without Learning AIDec 11, 2019Duzce, Turkey
Google DevFest KayseriImplementing AI into your Apps without Learning AIDec 9, 2019Kayseri, Turkey
Google DevFest BursaImplementing AI into your Apps without Learning AIDec 8, 2019Bursa, Turkey
Google DevFest SivasServerless Boost for Your Next StartupDec 7, 2019Sivas, Turkey
Google DevFest MersinImplementing AI into your Apps without Learning AIDec 6, 2019Mersin, Turkey
Google DevFest EdirneServerless Boost for Your Next StartupDec 1, 2019Edirne, Turkey
Google DevFest DenizliImplementing AI into your Apps without Learning AINov 30, 2019Denizli, Turkey
Google DevFest IstanbulImplementing AI into your Apps without Learning AINov 24, 2019Istanbul, Turkey
Google DevFest IzmirImplementing AI into your Apps without Learning AINov 23, 2019Izmir, Turkey
ICT Summit Turkey 2019Using AI for Abnormal Behavior DetectionNov 22, 2019Istanbul, Turkey
Google DevFest AnkaraImplementing AI into your Apps without Learning AINov 17, 2019Ankara, Turkey
Cozumpark Tech Talks 2019Easy-Peasy AI with Azure Cognitive ServicesNov 9, 2019Istanbul, Turkey
Cozumpark Career DayHow to Mother YourselfOct 31, 2019Istanbul, Turkey
ServerlessDays Istanbul 2019What comes after your first function in Serverless?Oct 10, 2019Istanbul, Turkey
.NET Conf 2019 IstanbulServerless application development : The Complete PictureSep 28, 2019Istanbul, Turkey
Global AI Night IstanbulAI on the EdgeSep 7, 2019Istanbul, Turkey
Visual Studio 2019 Community Launch IstanbulWhat’s new in Azure?Apr 4, 2019Istanbul, Turkey
Arena and Cozumpark TechDays 2019AI for EveryoneApr 4, 2019Istanbul, Turkey
Cozumpark IoT on AzureWhat has Azure to offer to IoT Developers?Mar 27, 2019Online
Microsoft Turkey IT Summit 2019AI and Compute in AzureMar 8, 2019Istanbul, Turkey
Karabuk IT DaysEasy-Peasy AI : Azure Cognitive ServicesMar 7, 2019Karabuk, Turkey
Xamarin Turkey UG Anniverisary ConferenceArchitecture 101 for Mobile Backend Developers on AzureMar 3, 2019Istanbul, Turkey
Teknolot MeetupServerless Single Page Apps on AzureFeb 20, 2019Istanbul, Turkey


Microsoft Connect 2018What’s new for Serverless from Microsoft Connect?Dec 29, 2018Istanbul, Turkey
Mediterranean IT Summit 2018Applied AIDec 8, 2018Antalya, Turkey
Azure DevOps Days Istanbul 2018Implementing Pipeline-As-CodeDec 8, 2018Istanbul, Turkey
GDG DevFest KutahyaEasy-Peasy AI : Azure Cognitive ServicesDec 3, 2018Kutahya, Turkey
European Sharepoint Conference 2018CosmosDB: Jack Of All Trades, Master Of ManyNov 3, 2018Copenhagen, Denmark
Google DevFest Izmir 2018Artificial Intelligence Boost for Mobile Apps: Azure Cognitive ServicesNov 3, 2018Izmir, Turkey
Google DevFest Antalya 2018Easy-Peasy AI : Azure Cognitive ServicesOct 13, 2018Antalya, Turkey
Xamarin Meetup GroupFunction Orchestration in the World of ServerlessSep 19, 2018Istanbul, Turkey
Microsoft Future SummitBlockchain and AINov 3, 2018Cape Town, South Africa
Serverless Meetup IstanbulAzure Functions: Run Serverless Workloads on Azure or On-PremisesNov 3, 2018Istanbul, Turkey
Serverless Meetup AnkaraAzure Functions: Run Serverless Workloads on Azure or On-PremisesFeb 21, 2018Ankara, Turkey
Yasar University Today’s Technologies 2018Serverless and Azure Functions IntroFeb 18, 2018Izmir, Turkey


Balikesir UniversityCloud 101Nov 21, 2017Balikesir, Turkey
Overtime with 4 RDsServerless with Azure FunctionsMay 20, 2017Istanbul, Turkey
Global IoT DevFest by IntelThe Role of Smart Digital Signage in RetailMay 3, 2017Online
Fatih Sultan Mehmet UniversityIntroduction to AzureApr 2, 2017Istanbul, Turkey
11th National Computer Education and Instructional Technologies Student CongressCloud 101Apr 29, 2017Istanbul, Turkey
Celal Bayar UniversityCloud and Moble HackathonApr 22, 2017Manisa, Turkey
Samsun 19 Mayıs University Career DaysJourneying Beyond OutcomesApr 21, 2017Samsun, Turkey
Sabancı Vocational and Technical Anatolian High SchoolJourneying Beyond OutcomesApr 5, 2017Istanbul, Turkey
Microsoft Turkey Visual Studio LaunchWhat’s new in Docker and Visual Studio?Mar 29, 2017Istanbul, Turkey
IEEE Turkey CSCON 2017Azure 101Mar 25, 2017Izmir, Turkey
Istanbul Commerce UniversityCloud 101Mar 24, 2017Istanbul, Turkey
Teknolot Conf 2017Serverless and Azure FunctionsMar 19, 2017Istanbul, Turkey
Karadeniz Technic UniversityCloud 101Mar 15, 2017Trabzon, Turkey
Arel UniversityCloud 101Mar 7, 2017Istanbul, Turkey
Kocaeli UniversityJourneying Beyond OutcomesMar 6, 2017Kocaeli, Turkey
Yasar UniversityJourneying Beyond OutcomesFeb 18, 2017Istanbul, Turkey


reConnect 2016What’s new in Azure from Connect 2016?Nov 23, 2016Istanbul, Turkey
Microsoft Turkey Windows Server 2016 LaunchService Fabric and Microservices OverviewNov 17, 2016Istanbul, Turkey
Işık University SteamWin TalkCareer TalkNov 3, 2016Istanbul, Turkey
Open Academy Summer School 2016Azure 101Aug 15, 2016Istanbul, Turkey
Voxxed Days IstanbulSwagger ExplainedMay 7, 2016Istanbul, Turkey
Toros UniversityCloud 101Apr 28, 2016Mersin, Turkey
Süleyman Demirel UniversityJourneying Beyond OutcomesApr 27, 2016Isparta, Turkey
Trakya University Information and Innovation SummitAzure 101Apr 22, 2016Edirne, Turkey
Bartın UniversityAzure 101Apr 21, 2016Istanbul, Turkey
IEEE Çukurova UniversityWhat we do at XOMNI?Apr 20, 2016Adana, Turkey
Hacettepe UniversityAzure 101Apr 11, 2016Ankara, Turkey
Microsoft Tech Tour EdirneJourneying Beyond OutcomesApr 8, 2016Edirne, Turkey
Istanbul Şehir UniversityAzure 101Apr 7, 2016Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul Aydın UniversityCloud 101Apr 6, 2016Istanbul, Turkey
Sakarya University IEEE TalksJourneying Beyond OutcomesMar 17, 2016Sakarya, Turkey
Galatasaray University ReunionJourneying Beyond OutcomesMar 16, 2016Istanbul, Turkey
Osmangazi UniversityJourneying Beyond OutcomesMar 13, 2016Eskisehir, Turkey
Ege UniversityJourneying Beyond OutcomesMar 12, 2016Izmir, Turkey
Nişantaşı UniversityAzure IoT SuiteMar 10, 2016Istanbul, Turkey
BİLMÖK 2016Journeying Beyond OutcomesMar 7, 2016Sanliurfa, Turkey
Izmir Institute of Technology (IYTE)Cloud 101Mar 3, 2016Izmir, Turkey
Karabük UniversityTalking Microsoft and LinuxMar 1, 2016Karabuk, Turkey
Nişantaşı UniversityAzure 101Jan 14, 2016Istanbul, Turkey
Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ)Big Data and IoTJan 6, 2016Ankara, Turkey


Karadeniz Technical UniversityJourneying Beyond OutcomesDec 20, 2015Trabzon, Turkey
Ege UniversityWeb ServicesDec 17, 2015Izmir, Turkey
Boğaziçi University ITTalksGood Code, Bad CodeDec 16, 2015Istanbul, Turkey
Hour of CodeHour Of Code EventDec 11, 2015Istanbul, Turkey
Adana Software and Technology SummitCloud 101Dec 3, 2015Adana, Turkey
Themed Talks at MakerLabThe Maker MovementNov 28, 2015Istanbul, Turkey
Garanti Hackathon SonrasıHackathon JuriNov 23, 2015Istanbul, Turkey
Career in InformaticsCareer PanelNov 18, 2015Konya, Turkey
Bogazici University COMPEC Garage HackathonHackathon JuryNov 16, 2015Istanbul, Turkey
Azure Data Camp IstanbulAzure Data ServicesOct 28, 2015Istanbul, Turkey
Mediterranean Informatics SummitCloud 101Oct 16, 2015Antalya, Turkey
Kultur University ESC DayCloud 101Oct 13, 2015Istanbul, Turkey
Microsoft Open Academy Summer School 2015Azure 101Aug 17, 2015Istanbul, Turkey
NGO Day Azure SunumumAzure for NGOsJun 6, 2015Istanbul, Turkey
Izmir Dokuz Eylul UniversityCloud 101May 8, 2015Izmir, Turkey
Duzce UniversityJourneying Beyond OutcomesMay 6, 2015Duzce, Turkey
Hasan Kalyoncu University KITTECHCloud 101Apr 25, 2015Gaziantep, Turkey
Trakya UniversityCloud 101Apr 21, 2015Edirne, Turkey
Halic University IT DaysJourneying Beyond OutcomesApr 16, 2015Istanbul, Turkey
EXIT 15 HackathonFinal JuryApr 14, 2015Istanbul, Turkey
Elazig Firat UniversityCloud 101Apr 2, 2015Elazig, Turkey
Canakkale 18 Mart UniversityCloud 101Mar 30, 2015Canakkale, Turkey
Yildiz Technical University ILTEK 10th.Cloud 101Mar 25, 2015Istanbul, Turkey
Sivas University IT for Management ConferenceJourneying Beyond OutcomesMar 21, 2015Sivas, Turkey
Kultur UniversityCloud 101Mar 12, 2015Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul Azure MeetupIntro to NoSQL on AzureMar 7, 2015Istanbul, Turkey
Microsoft Student Partner Programı 2015 KickOffKeynoteFeb 24, 2015Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul Azure MeetupIntro to Azure and DockerJan 5, 2015Istanbul, Turkey


Microsoft Turkey Cloud DevCamp IstanbulAzure Compute ServicesDec 17, 2014Istanbul, Turkey
Eskisehir Osmangazi UniversityAzure 101Dec 15, 2014Eskisehir, Turkey
Konya Karatay UniversityJourneying Beyond OutcomesDec 12, 2014Konya, Turkey
IEEE 2014 Annual Meeting at Kültür UniversityCLoud 101Oct 19, 2014Istanbul, Turkey
Selcuk University Entrepreneurship and Economy SummitJourneying Beyond OutcomesMay 9, 2014Konya, Turkey
Microsoft MEA MVP Open Day 2014Personal BrandingMar 23, 2014Istanbul, Turkey


Microsoft Summer School 2013Azure 101Sep 7, 2013Istanbul, Turkey
Android Developer DaysAzure Mobile ServicesJun 15, 2013Ankara, Turkey
WP Community DayAzure Mobile ServicesJun 12, 2013Istanbul, Turkey
Sakarya UniversityAzure Mobile ServicesMay 1, 2013Sakarya, Turkey
Microsoft Azure Bootcamp IstanbulAzure Mobile ServicesApr 28, 2013Istanbul, Turkey
Mobilist Mobile Application Development ConferenceAzure Mobile ServicesApr 22, 2013Istanbul, Turkey


Turkey Nokia Lumia LaunchGetting Started with Windows Phone DevelopmentNov 22, 2012Istanbul, Turkey
MEA Windows Phone Camp in Istanbul!Introduction to Windows Phone 7.5May 21, 2012Istanbul, Turkey
Azure Day for Microsoft PartnersAzure 101Apr 8, 2012Istanbul, Turkey
Microsoft OpenDoor BahrainAzure 101Mar 31, 2012Manama, Bahrain
INETA Kayseri ConferenceAzure 101Mar 19, 2012Kayseri, Turkey
Qatar QITCOM ConferenceSurface and Kinect DevelopmentMar 8, 2012Doha, Qatar
INETA Istanbul 2012 ConferenceAzure Migration PathwaysFeb 20, 2012Istanbul, Turkey
Microsoft OpenDoor KuwaitAzure 101Feb 17, 2012Kuwait City, Kuwait
Microsoft Student Partner Kick-Off 2012Azure Migration PathwaysFeb 13, 2012Istanbul, Turkey
Microsoft OpenDoor Qatar 2012Windows Phone 7.5 DevelopmentFeb 12, 2012Doha, Qatar
INETA Ankara ConferenceAzure 101Feb 6, 2012Ankara, Turkey
Microsoft Ankara WebCamp 2012Azure Migration PathwaysJan 27, 2012Ankara, Turkey
Yalova UniversityWhat’s new in HTML5?Jan 4, 2012Yalova, Turkey


Microsoft WebCamp IstanbulAzure 101Dec 19, 2011Istanbul, Turkey
INETA Izmir ConferenceAzure 101Dec 13, 2011Izmir, Turkey
Microsoft Student Partner Azure CampAzure 101Dec 9, 2011Istanbul, Turkey
Cyprus Windows Azure BootCampAzure App DevelopmentDec 4, 2011Famagusta, North Cyprus
Erciyes UniversityWP7 and AzureOct 28, 2011Kayseri, Turkey
TechEd Africa 2011Silverlight and RIA ServicesOct 20, 2011Durban, South Africa
Microsoft Summer School 2011Wpf and AzureJul 18, 2013Izmir, Turkey
Mobile Startup Week-EndWindows Phone 7 DevelopmentApr 24, 2011Irbid, Jordan
MSDays 2011 SofiaWindows Phone 7 DevelopmentApr 4, 2011Sofia, Bulgaria
Microsoft IT Summit Turkey 2011Rich Internet Apps with SilverlightMar 11, 2011Istanbul, Turkey
Microsoft WebCamps IstanbulAzure 101Feb 2, 2011Istanbul, Turkey
Jordan Azure CampAzure App DevelopmentJan 31, 2011Amman, Jordan
Microsoft WebCamps AnkaraRich Internet Apps with SilverlightJan 12, 2011Ankara, Turkey


Microsoft Open Door Beirut 2010Silverlight and Windows Phone 7Oct 8, 2010Beirut, Lebanon
Microsoft Jordan Innovation CampWPF and MultitouchMay 20, 2010Amman, Jordan
Izmir Visual Studio 2010 LaunchWhat’s new in .NET 4?May 8, 2010Izmir, Turkey
Suleyman Demirel UniversitySilverlight 4 and Windows Phone DevelopmentApr 28, 2010Isparta, Turkey
Ankara UniversityRich Internet Apps with Silverlight 4Apr 21, 2010Ankara, Turkey
Karadeniz Technical University Visual Studio 2010 LaunchWhat’s new in .NET 4?Apr 19, 2010Trabzon, Turkey
Akdeniz UniversityIntro to Silverlight and WPFApr 7, 2010Antalya, Turkey
MSDays 2010 SofiaMultitouch DevelopmentApr 1, 2010Sofia, Bulgaria
TechEd Middle East 2010Multitouch DevelopmentMar 4, 2010Dubai, UAE
Sutcu Imam UniversityIntro to .NET DevelopmentFeb 27, 2010Kahramanmaras, Turkey


INETA NEXT Kayseri ConferenceIntro to Silverlight and WPFDec 21, 2009Kayseri, Turkey
INETA NEXT Istanbul ConferenceIntro to Silverlight and WPFDec 14, 2009Istanbul, Turkey
Balıkesir UniversityIntro to Silverlight and WPFDec 12, 2009Balikesir, Turkey
INETA NEXT Diyarbakır ConferenceIntro to Silverlight and WPFDec 8, 2009Diyarbakir, Turkey
Eastern Mediterranean University!Multitouch DevelopmentNov 7, 2009Famagusta, North Cyprus
Izmir Windows 7 Academic LaunchMultitouch DevelopmentOct 28, 2009Izmir, Turkey
Microsoft Summer School Istanbul 2009Intro to Silverlight and WPFAug 12, 2009Istanbul, Turkey
Microsoft Summer School Ankara 2009Intro to Silverlight and WPFAug 1, 2009Ankara, Turkey
7 hours with Windows 7Multitouch DevelopmentJul 13, 2009Istanbul, Turkey
Mugla UniversityASP.NET AJAXApr 28, 2009Mugla, Turkey
Imagine Cup Turkey Final.WPF and MultiTouchApr 18, 2009Istanbul, Turkey
Akdeniz UniversityIntro to Silverlight and WPFApr 14, 2009Antalya, Turkey
NedirTV.com EventMultiPoint DevelopmentMar 14, 2009Istanbul, Turkey
INETA Eskişehir Hit Conference.Game Development with SilverlightMar 10, 2009Eskisehir, Turkey
METU Game Development ConferenceGame Development with SilverlightMar 2, 2009Ankara, Turkey
Erzurum Ataturk UniversityIntro to Silverlight and WPFFeb 28, 2009Erzurum, Turkey
NedirTV.com EventIntro to Silverlight and WPFFeb 23, 2009Ankara, Turkey
Kocaeli UniversityIntro to Silverlight and WPFFeb 21, 2009Kocaeli, Turkey
INETA Profession Hit ConferenceIntro to SilverlightJan 29, 2009Istanbul, Turkey
INETA Agean Hit ConferenceIntro to Silverlight and WPFJan 12, 2009Izmir, Turkey
Istanbul Commerce UniversityIntro to Silverlight and WPFJan 7, 2009Istanbul, Turkey


Microsoft Student Partner Kick OffMultiPoint SDK DevelopmentDec 28, 2008Ankara, Turkey
Uludag UniversityASP.NET 3.5 AJAXDec 25, 2008Bursa, Turkey
Eastern Mediterranean UniversityGame Development with Silveright 2.0Dec 24, 2008Famagusta, North Cyprus
Abdurrahman-Nermin Bilimli Anatolian Technical High SchoolIntro to Silverlight and WPFDec 17, 2008Istanbul, Turkey
Microsoft Turkey Software Developers SummitIntro to Silverlight 2.0Dec 4, 2008Istanbul, Turkey
INETA Isparta Boot CampBuilding Data Apps with Silverlight 2.0Dec 2, 2008Isparta, Turkey
Suleyman Demirel UniversityGame Development with Silveright 2.0Nov 30, 2008Isparta, Turkey
Karadeniz Technical UniversityIntro to Silverlight and WPFNov 28, 2008Trabzon, Turkey
Yildiz Technical UniversityIntro to Silverlight and WPFNov 26, 2008Istanbul, Turkey
Microsoft Game TourGame Development with Silverlight 2.0Nov 15, 2008Istanbul, Turkey
Uludag UniversityIntro to Silverlight and WPFNov 14, 2008Bursa, Turkey
Afyon Kocatepe UniversityIntro to Silverlight and WPFNov 9, 2008Afyon, Turkey
INETA Capital Hit ConferenceIntro to WPFOct 21, 2008Ankara, Turkey
INETA CETURK Conference.Introduction to WPFSep 21, 2008Istanbul, Turkey
Microsoft Summer School IzmirIntro to Silverlight 2.0Aug 20, 2008Izmir, Turkey
Microsoft Summer School AnkaraIntro to Silverlight 2.0Aug 14, 2008Ankara, Turkey
Microsoft Summer School IstanbulIntro to Silverlight 2.0Aug 6, 2008Istanbul, Turkey
Habitat TurkeyIntroduction to Expression WebJul 3, 2008Istanbul, Turkey
RIA TalksIntro to Silverlight and WPFJun 28, 2008Istanbul, Turkey
Microsoft Dubai Silverlight 2.0 TrainingSilverlight 2.0Jun 27, 2008Dubai, UAE
Afyon Kocatepe UniversityIntro to Silverlight and WPFJun 21, 2008Afyon, Turkey
Edirne M.P. Anatolian Trade Vocational High SchoolIntro to Silverlight and WPFJun 4, 2008Edirne, Turkey
Selcuk UniversityIntro to Silverlight and WPFMay 14, 2008Konya, Turkey
Canakkale 18 March UniversityIntro to Silverlight and WPFMay 12, 2008Canakkale, Turkey
Gazi UniversityIntro to Silverlight and WPFApr 16, 2008Ankara, Turkey
International Cyprus UniversityIntro to Silverlight and WPFApr 10, 2008Nicosia, Northern Cyprus
Yeditepe UniversityIntro to Silverlight and WPFApr 4, 2008Istanbul, Turkey
Suleyman Demirel UniversityIntro to Silverlight and WPFMar 26, 2008Isparta, Turkey
Malatya Inonu UniversityIntro to Silverlight and WPFMar 20, 2008Malatya, Turkey
Eastern Mediterranean UniversityWhat’s new in Visual Studio 2008 and .NET 3.5Mar 9, 2008Famagusta, Northern Cyprus
Young Entrepreneurs ClubIntro to Silverlight and WPFJan 20, 2008Istanbul, Turkey
CETURK Microsoft Vision ConferenceIntro to Silverlight and WPFJan 13, 2008Istanbul, Turkey


Eastern Mediterranean UniversityIntroduction to Expression StudioDec 30, 2007Famagusta, Northern Cyprus
Eastern Mediterranean UniversityIntroduction to Silverlight and WPFDec 29, 2007Famagusta, Northern Cyprus
Galatasaray UniversityIntroduction to SilverlightDec 15, 2007Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul Technical UniversityIntroduction to SilverlightDec 13, 2007Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul UniversityIntroduction to SilverlightDec 12, 2007Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul Development PlatformASP.NET AJAXJul 31, 2007Istanbul, Turkey