Finis it!

It was all about losing weight. I could never imagine having fun running. Why would anyone run without a specific goal, such as… a slam dunk? Anyways, now this is where we are. I ended up doing a lot of running and liked it at best. Check out my fitness posts on the blog to see the entire journey. In this section, I’m simply keeping a list of races I have joined for nostalgic reasons and some future ones I’m planning in case you would like to say “hi” 👋

Here is where I’m planning to be next;

Izmir Marathon42.2 kmMar 12, 2023
Thessaloniki Marathon42.2 kmApr 30, 2023
New York City Marathon42.2 kmNov 5, 2023

Here is a list of past races 🏃‍♂️

RaceDistanceDateNet Time
Istanbul Marathon42.2 kmNov 6, 202204:40:03
Amsterdam Marathon42.2 kmOct 16, 202204:47: 43
Ultimate Aydos10 kmApr 24, 202201:12:57
Under Armour Night Run6 kmApr 9, 202240:49
Under Armour Night Run12 kmSep 7, 202201:16:38
Summer Solistice Spokane10 kmJun 21, 201957:15
Stache Run Spokane10 kmJun 15, 201957:52
Sandpoint Bay Trail Fun Run10 kmJun 9, 201959:27
Coeur D’Alene Marathon12 kmMay 26, 201901:10:41
Ultimate Aydos12 kmFeb 3, 201901:14:35
Urbanathlon Istanbul10 kmOct 12, 201458:20
Gurme Run6 kmSep 28, 201933:13
Cunda Trail16 kmSep 20, 201401:39:19
Mudrace Turkey5 kmSep 13, 201443:30
Istanbul Half Marathon21.1 kmApr 27, 201402:07:33
Nike Run Istanbul7 kmSep 30, 201338:11
Mudrace Turkey5KSep 22, 201338:23
New Balance Buyukada Run11 kmSep 15, 201301:02:12
Urbanathlon Istanbul10 kmSep 1, 201351:35