Talking at 5 Google DevFests in 5 Cities

This has become something of a tradition. Every year during the Google DevFest season (November-December), I am privileged to speak at several Google Developer Group (GDG) events. This year, I had the pleasure of speaking at five events across five different cities.

I am immensely grateful to the organizers of these events for their hard work and dedication. My gratitude also extends to the attendees for their keen interest and engagement. I hope everyone enjoyed the sessions as much as I did.

Please feel free to keep an eye on my speaking schedule and join me at any future events. I would be thrilled to meet you in person ❤️

Below are some photos from each event, serving as cherished souvenirs:

Izmir GDG Izmir 2023 Event Photo

Bursa GDG Bursa 2023 Event Photo

Konya GDG Konya 2023 Event Photo

Eskisehir GDG Eskisehir 2023 Event Photo

Isparta GDG Isparta 2023 Event Photo