Global Azure Virtual 2020 Conference

Yesterday I presented two sessions at the Global Azure Virtual 2020 conference. By the way, the conference is still going strong. Today it’s the second day, and that’s a three days long online conference. If you are reading this on 24 or 25th April, make sure you hop on the conference site to see a list of upcoming sessions.

My two sessions were about Function Orchestration in the world of Serverless. The English one got 180 attendees! and the Turkish one welcomed 70 people. Not bad :) I got recording as well! Here they are in both languages.

English version of the talk

Turkish version of the talk

Huge thanks to the global team making such an awesome conference happen. 216 speakers and 285 sessions is a lot! I’m sure most people will be recording their sessions too. I suggest you go to the web site and chase those down :)