Geekday 2020

Yesterday, I did a short round trip to Gebze, Kocaeli, for the GeekDay conference at Gebze Technical University. My session for the day was titled “Serverless Boost for Your Next Startup.”

The whole idea of this session is to introduce Serverless as the foundation for a startup that has to keep costs low and still make sure the platform they build is scalable when growth happens. I, specifically, love this session presented to students, because they need to be able to experiment fast with the lowest cost possible. On top of that, pretty much all of the cloud vendors out there have pretty generous free consumption tiers for serverless products to grab on. For example, both Azure and Google offer 400.000 GB-s per month for free. Why wouldn’t you use it? :) Go now!

Thanks to everyone involved in the making of Geekday. I enjoyed it very much and hope you did too!