DevOps, PaaS, and Serverless for Education

A couple of weeks ago, I received an invitation to Microsoft Turkey’s Education Roundtable events as a speaker. The audience for these events is IT Managers and technical decision-makers from various universities in Turkey. I had the chance to talk about Azure DevOps, PaaS, and Serverless in two of their events during the last two weeks. My DevOps presentation was targeted for universities to improve the delivery speed of their internal and external facing services. Not to overshadow DevOps, I was more excited to present PaaS and Serverless to present how easy it might be to build a term/course enrollment web site that can scale and offer high availability whatever the load is. There are two reasons why I picked the scalability aspect of PaaS and Serverless. First, that’s what they asked for when they filled the event registration forms. Second, this has been a complaint I kept hearing for years from a large number of students when I visited universities around the country to talk at various events.

I hope I was able to get my points across during my presentation. I even offered to help them out to move their enrollment systems to Azure. 😉

Huge thanks to our local Microsoft team for having me. I enjoyed it very much!