A full day of Azure Cognitive Services

Yesterday was another busy Saturday :) A full day of Azure Cognitive Services Training is what happened. Look at the agenda below, isn’t that beautiful?

9.15-10.00 Azure Cognitive Speech Services
10.15-11.00 Azure Cognitive Vision Services
11.15-12.00 Azure Cognitive Language Services
12.00-13.00 Launch
13:00–13:20 Building an AI Ready Network - Arista Networks
13:20–13:40 Azure Cognitive Decision Services
14.00-14.45 Azure Cognitive Search
15.00-15.45 Azure Bot Services
16.00-16.45 Lab

This is a full day, free AI training we were able to host thanks to the sponsorships of the local Microsoft office , Deep Learning Turkey and Arista Networks. Another huge applause to our team at Cozumpark for organizing the event! I was just the trainer who came in, talked a lot and left :)

I’m hoping we scale this training across the country. That all depends on COVID-19 at this point :( I will see if I can do something online as well. I know that a lot of you asked for an online option on twitter :) I hear you! Stay tuned with my updates on Twitter, or subscribe to the mailings list ;)

See you on the next one ;)