2020 Report

Do I really have to write an annual self-report? Can’t we skip 2020? :) Isn’t that how everyone feels right now? Enough with the questions. Let’s see what I have.

Let’s start, not so surprisingly, with the bad news. First off, I got all my weight loss journey rolled back. I have no idea how much I weigh right now, but I’m sure I’m all the way back to around 150Kgs / 330lbs. Second, I lost my job the moment COVID showed up. Third,… I guess that’s it. Not that much of a dark year, I suppose :)

With all that, this has been a year of remembering how lucky we tech workers are, being able to stay at home with the loved ones and still be able to work without risking our health. In a couple of days, I got a new gig, and it kept coming. Check out my business here and the partner network I’m part of. For 2020, I had the chance to practice in the Data and AI space in various projects. It’s fun to be back in the consultancy and services business, taking a break from the world of product development.

In last year’s report, I mentioned that I started my second master’s. I’m studying Organizational Leadership with Human Resource Development concentration. I’m 60% done with my degree and looking forward to graduating in August 2021. So far, I have enjoyed every course in it. It is definitely worth the time and money investment. Having built teams and having crafted an engineering culture in multiple startups, the degree’s content is exhilarating.

On the community side, besides COVID lockdowns, I talked in 21 events, all online :) Compared to last year, this is a drastic decrease from visiting 31 cities and eight countries to none :) Our Teknolot meetup group is still going strong, with an increase of 1160 members reaching an all-time high of 5299 members. Our golden shot/speaker for the year was Scott Hanselman for the local .NET Conf. What a year! Right?

Remember, I don’t make resolutions. I just have this feeling that 2021 will be amazing :) Well, we will see in next year’s report.

Finally, here is my annual new year’s gift to you, dear reader :) A wallpaper I shot at home.

Happy 2021!