Using AI for Abnormal Behavior Detection at ICT Summit Turkey 2019

When they told me I had only 15 minutes for my session, I can’t do demos because, for some reason, there will be no internet connectivity for speakers, and worst, I can’t use my laptop for the presentation; I ended up pretty depressed. All this happened after I accepted the speaker invite to the Turkish ICT Summit. Besides all difficulties, some didn’t make sense to me; I tried my best coming up with content that can, at some level, help people. The overarching topic was security.

When I try to come up with a session proposal, I try to focus on what I can do to empower people in the amount of time I have and not just teach them something. That’s why most of my sessions end up being crafted around services or tools that are high level and can be enabled with relatively small investments. I love the idea of learning something in a session in a conference and implementing it the next day at work and see instant results, the return of your efforts. When thinking about security, and based on the reading I have been doing for a while, the effect of AI in securing environments and applications looked like an exciting topic. I was able to bring Microsoft Cloud App Security, AI enablement in Azure IoT Edge and Stream Analytics, the Azure Anomaly Detector Service into a 15 minutes session talking about the use of AI in Abnormal Behaviour Detection on a level you can start doing something right now!

It did pretty well! Presenting a topic for the first time at such a big conference is always risky. I finished just in time and had a minute for Q&A too. Here is the slide deck if interested.