Teknolot February 2019 Meetup

Yesterday we hosted the first meetup of 2019 for our Teknolot meetup group. When we first started with the planning, we didn’t have a specific topic in mind. We wanted to get together and see what we could share. Personally, I started thinking from the perspective of “What can I share that people can use it the next day, or week?” There came the idea of “Hosting Single Page Apps on Azure.” You might know that I get very excited when cloud services can take the bills down. That’s why I love Azure Functions, CosmosDB and recently API Management Consumption Plan. These are services that start from zero cost and still provide an excellent scalable infrastructure for your project to grow. When it comes to hosting single page apps, I love the combination of Azure Storage, Functions and CDN that can get you excellent value for the buck.

For the demo, I simply searched for a SPA Template on Google :) To be honest, I’m not sure if what I found is really a SPA though :) It did have a bunch of HTML files in it. Anyways :) The template had a “Contact Us” form and that’s where Azure Functions + SendGrid binding came in. The sample code for the function is on Github. If you are interested make sure you take a look at the slide deck as well. There is homework for you at the end of the deck :)

I would say the session is pretty well received considering the relatively high amount of questions I got during Q&A. The slides are on SpeakerDeck as always.

Enjoy, see you next time.