Talking AI on the Edge at Global AI Night Istanbul

Global AI Night Istanbul happened this past Thursday under the umbrella of Teknolot User Group. Being the organizer for the day, I picked to the most unpopular time slot for myself impersonating a servant organizer of yours :) I started at 10 PM and finished around no one remembers :) My session was about bringing AI to the Edge and running containerized AI within edge devices with Azure IoT Hub and IoT Edge Runtime. The deck I used is here if interested.

Huge thanks to Ibrahim Kivanc from Microsoft who did the keynote for the day and did a full additional session covering conversational AI. Thanks to my Teknolotian friends Cihan Yakar and Yigit Ozaksut joining the day crafting a night full of AI topics.

Next event is .NET Conf Turkey. Make sure you sign up and join us for a full day of .NET discussions. My session will be about Serverless, and this time will be looking at the big picture and talk architecting serverless apps on Azure with all the required pieces.

Enjoy your weekend! We are already halfway through! :)