Talking AI for Everyone at Arena and Cozumpark TechDays 2019 in Istanbul

In case it is not apparent yet :) I love talking about Azure Cognitive Services. I love anything that has a comparatively colossal ROI. That’s what Azure Cognitive Services is. It is easy to implement and provides a drastic return on investment in the form of AI functionality to your solutions. Not every company will have a data science team, or even be able to hire a machine learning engineer, nor do they need. Cognitive Services is a low-cost entry to the AI space for most products and SaaS builders out there to lean on the return and build upon that to go further down with Azure Machine Learning Studio if needed or wanted.

This is pretty much what I talked about during my session at Arena and Cozumpark Tech Days in Istanbul. This time my presentation is half Turkish :) and it includes some videos that can’t be shared on SpeakerSeck. Still, if you want to take a look, here is a link.

Thanks, everyone, for joining me in my session and huge thanks to Hakan Uzuner, our resident IT Pro hero from Cozumpark.