Talking AI and Compute at Microsoft Turkey IT Summit 2019

What a title :) Yesterday was a big day. 3000 people came together for the biggest Microsoft owned IT conference in the country. It was the day of “Microsoft IT Summit 2019”. It was large! crowded! fun!

If you have the age and had the chance to visit a TechEd (now deprecated) you might remember the product booths. The idea is that besides the sessions, attendees can find a booth specific to a Microsoft product or tech, and talk to experts waiting for their questions! Same happens at Build every year. The only difference is that the actual product groups show up there :) The team organizing the local event did the exact same thing for the annual summit this year. They asked MVPs and RDs if we could take charge and host the booths. To be honest, I can’t imagine anyone saying “No.” So, I said “Yes” and I got the “AI and App Platform” booth! All by myself :) Do I need to tell you it was busy?

We talked about Azure ML Studio, Databricks, ML.NET, Cognitive Services, Azure Functions, CosmosDB. Yes, I can always find a way to talk about Functions and CosmosDB regardless of the main topic :) It was a beautiful day. Thanks, everyone for stopping by, and a huge thanks to everyone who simply came to the booth to say hi just because they saw my tweet about the event :) Love you, folks! See you on the next one ;)