Talked about Serverless at .NET Conf 2019 Istanbul

What a day it was! Two hundred forty-seven people showed up at around 9 AM on a Saturday. That is a turnaround we call extraordinary around here. First off, huge thanks to everyone who joined us for the event. Massive respect to everyone who took a bus or a flight to come over to Istanbul from around the country. You might wonder why the surprise? Here is the thing; when we organize free events like this one, it is hard to know how many people are going to show up :) out of the number of registrations. We had 900+ registrations for this one :) The other side of the issue is that you can’t properly organize the right room, or the logistics for an event where you have no idea how many poeple are going to show up. Limiting the registration number is an option, but a poor one. Imagine how many people would show up if we limited registrations to 250 based on the fact that out of 900+ registration, only 250 people showed up. Long story short, there is no solution I can imagine other than charging people for a small fee to create some pressure for attendance :) and we don’t want to do that either. We are open to suggestions if you think you have a solution for us :) I would appreciate if you can share it below in the comments. Long story short, we had an overflow room that helped but wasn’t ideal.

My session was about Serverless application development, “The Complete Picture” :) which means all the bits and pieces you need when you decide to build a serverless app, in addition to Azure Functions. This is a session where we go through Function Proxies, API Management, Event Grid, Event Hub, Durable Functions, Logic Apps, CosmosDB to craft a fully serverless architecture. My decks are, as always, hosted on speakerdeck.

Finally, thanks to all our speakers, friends who took stage presenting various topics like open source in .NET, .NET Core, Docker, Kubernetes, ML.NET and big thanks to our team at Teknolot, and our resident MVP Yiğit Özaksüt for taking the lead in making this event happen.

Make sure you join our meetup group to stay up to date with our upcoming events :) That’s all for now.