ServerlessDays Istanbul 2019

Here is the deal, when you are invited to an international conference outside your country, there is a big chance you book a full day with no meetings, no work time involved, and dedicate your day embracing the whole experience of attending and speaking at a conference. That pretty much never happens when you are supposed to speak at a local conference! Unless you are the organizer! And I wasn’t.

ServerlessDays Istanbul 2019 was maybe my most anticipated conference of the year, and It was beautiful! Unfortunately, living in Istanbul, I got pulled into life matters and couldn’t stay at the conference more than my session, plus an hour for Q&A at the Microsoft booth. Damn it! I even missed the speaker dinner.

With all the whining aside, thanks to everyone who attended the session. Huge thanks to the organizers! Having AWS, GCP, and Azure, all contributing as primary sponsors to an event focused only on Serverless, is a significant accomplishment!

Here is the deck from my session titled “What comes after your first function in Serverless?” and the sample codes I used. Enjoy!