MVP & RD Summit 2019

It’s been a very busy week. Last week-end I flew to Seattle for the MVP and RD Summits that happened during the past week. Monday to Wednesday was the MVP Summit followed by the RD Summit through Thursday to Friday. Soo much content, soo many sessions and all are under NDA 😒

This is pretty much the only slide I can share about both Summits. I just wanted to put this blog post out there to celebrate my 11th attendance of both summits and document it :)

One thing I can share about my trip is what I ate during the week to keep my diet going on :) and some of the running I did. However, for that I will need some more time to prepare the content. To be honest I think that should be under another blog post with a better matching title :)

Huge thanks to Microsoft for making this gathering happen. It is not just about getting in touch with product groups and learning / providing feedback, it is an annual meeting to stay in touch with all MVP and RD friends as well, and I love it :) I hope we see each other next year as well. Ciao! :)