Karabuk University AI Talk

Sometimes people ask me “how can one be an MVP?” I guess you need to be a little out of your line to want to help people out. It’s either that or just the phenomenon of being able to quickly commit into future work when it looks and feels too far away :) I’m talking about my AI session at Karabuk University. One hour long AI session that I had to drive a total of 900km to present. Who is in?

Karabük Province is in the northern part of Anatolia. The best thing about the location is being close to Safranbolu :) which is in the Unesco World Heritage List. My plan was to visit Safranbolu and stay there overnight. Enjoy the city a little right? You can tell that it didn’t work out right :)

Regardless of the 10+ hours drive, I much enjoyed the session. I used my Easy-Peasy AI : Azure Cognitive Services deck and received great questions during Q&A. It was well worth the drive :) Besides I love long rides, those are great opportunity to catch up with my Audible library. 👍

Thanks everyone for being there with me. Hope to see you again ;)