Global AI Bootcamp Istanbul 2019

This was a challenging one. Let me explain. When we do events with our team at Teknolot, we do not charge people for attendance, and we do not hunt for sponsorship. We are not at that level of “organized” or “pro” in organizing things. We care about content quality, and that’s it. Usually, our local Microsoft office here helps us in getting a space to host our event. Unfortunately, it did not happen this time. So, our dear fellow MVP Yiğit Özaksüt stepped in and motivated a local travel agency to be our host. At the end of the day, it was all excellent. Some might argue that the level of hospitality was even better compared to past events :) Better cookies? Maybe :)

I had some personal challenges, as well. The event happened on the same day with another conference in another city. I started my day around 3 AM, flew to Adana in the morning, did my speaking, flew back to Istanbul for Global AI Bootcamp, and finished the day around 11 PM. Too much flying, driving and speaking for a single day :)

The topic of my talk was Serverless Tensorflow. It sounds interesting, right? :) That was the point. We started from Azure Custom Vision, did some AI training, export the TensorFlow model, and ran it on Azure Functions with Pyhton in a serverless fashion! Beautiful flexibility. Unfortunately, I don’t have a deck. It was all demos. Hopefully, just knowing that this is all doable helps you, the reader :)

Hope to see you in next years AI Bootcamp ;)