Cozumpark Career Day Talk: How to Mother Yourself

I love to talk about soft skills :) If you can read Turkish, you might be interested in my book titled “One Shot Before Sleep.” I’m still in the progress of writing it, but it is open to purchase in its current state, thanks to Leanpub.

I get invited to various career-oriented university events to talk about my career that I had the chance to craft so far. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think there is anything extraordinary in my life that makes me deserve a speaker spot in a career event (Imposter syndrome? or not, you decide). With that said, I have some thoughts I can share :) Why shouldn’t I hold myself back if people are interested in listening?

This time I get invited to the career day of one of the most significant IT Communities in Turkey, called CozumPark. During my session, I played around the idea of “how to mother yourself,” and why should you. It is a pretty fun topic. Here is a short read if interested.

Thanks to everyone who joined me in my talk, and the organizers for having me! See you at the next one.