At 7 Months and Lost 46kgs / 101lbs

Holy cow! I was not expecting to lose 6kgs / 13lbs this month. Remember, I planned to take it easy. To be honest, I did take it easy. There was one thing different with March tough. I had a fifteen days long business + photo trip to the US. See how my weight changes after the 15th.

A trip to the US changes both my activity level and the food I eat every day. First off, I did not give up on my running schedule, 4 days a week. I kept going at it. It was not easy tough. I had to plan all my running days. Some days I had to wake up at 5.30AM to be able to run, get a shower and be back at work / conference at time.

Moreover, I had to find somewhere to run :) Except for the last two days of the trip, where I felt sluggish, all of my runs were outdoor. That meant, doing research and finding somewhere decent to run, driving to the location and back. It was pretty fun, but still preferred the treadmill for my last two runs. One of them was four hours before my flight back to Istanbul :) Just before a 16 hours long journey. Just saying :)

The first week of my travel I was in Seattle for Microsoft’s MVP Summit. Here is a blog post twitter flood showing a couple of the places I ran. I did might write a separated blog post about all these beautiful locations in Seattle :) The second week started in Spokane with some business meetings and followed with me driving to beautiful Portland, Columbia River to do some landscape photography. My original plan was to drive to Glacier National Park. Too snowy it was.

During my whole trip, I planned my meals around breakfast and dinner. Breakfast was mostly what I found healthy at the hotel, plus some bananas after the run. Dinner was chicken salad, poached salmon, peanuts. I did some grocery shopping to make sure I got all the healthy foods in my room. One crucial aspect of being able to do grocery shopping is to make sure the hotel rooms you book has a nice fridge and microwave. That’s relatively easy to find in the US.

Well, it feels like my running is getting better. I’m sure I will see some improvements when I’m back in town and run a comparable route I have run before. For those wondering how I was able to measure my weight during the whole trip :) here is what I carry with me at all times during my trips. My plan for next month… is to keep running four days a week.. and nothing else. To be honest, I don’t even need to commit to a diet plan anymore, it is simply a habit now. Mindful eating is what I’m focusing on. I will stay away from sugar and processed starchy food for sure. I will be out of town pretty much for another ten days during April. We will see how that goes :)

That’s it for now. See you on the next update ;)