9 Months and Lost 51kgs / 113lbs

This has been a really interesting month :) At this point, I’m not sure if I can explain what was going on this month from a dieting perspective. First off, here is a chart.

Based on this not-so-lovely chart :) I might be on the verge of putting some fat on. In fact, I know that is impossible because I didn’t go out of my diet at all. Moreover, I used MyFitnessPal to track all my food intake and made sure I don’t exceed 2000 calories a day. So what happened? Here is my guess; I started pushing my meals far from each other. My breakfast for most of these days was around 8-10AM and dinner around 7-9PM. This pretty much broke my rule of thumb that says “don’t eat after 6PM” and broke my Intermitted Fasting period of 8 hours. I never pushed myself into the intermitted fasting regimen, it was just for convenience. However, it looks like that was pretty helpful with my weight loss.

At this point, just a weeks report isn’t really enough data to come to a conclusion about anything. It might be only that I weight myself every morning and eating at 7PM the previous day changed the scale of water retentions effect on my body weight measurements. Who knows? Well, I guess we will see in next months report. Just for the record, for the last two days of May, I switched into a single meal 2000 calorie regimen and I dropped 1.2kgs / 2.6lbs. No way that was fat :)

Overall, my weight loss for May was 2.4kgs / 5.3lbs. That is slow but good enough. On the chart above you can see my monthly weight loss values for the last nine months. I’m guessing it will continue to slow down as the total fat percentage of my bad decreases.

I kept with my 4 days/week cardio plan. I was able to schedule four 40 minutes session per week. All of them were running, and one of them was actually a race! I joined the CDA Marathon in Idaho for the 10K route. For me, it ended up being a 12K :) I didn’t see the turn sign for 10K runners, and before you judge, I wasn’t alone :) Anyways, that was fun to push myself a little bit outside of my comfort zone which is 7K for every 40 minutes run I do nowadays.

Moving to Strava

In other news :) I switched to Strava. I know this might sound unrelated, but If you are a follower of my blog, hope you are, you might know that I was pretty committed into Runkeeper. Recently, I got sick of syncing my sessions from my polar watch to Runkeeper manually after every session and on a computer!

For me there are two reasons to use something like Runkeeper besides the native platform of the watch I use, finding a community, connecting with friends who are into sports and shoe tracking! That’s right :) Shoe tracking. Being someone who got injured because of old shoes I’m very committed to tracking my running shoes lifespan. Runkeeper has good tools for it, but it goes back to the syncing issue. If you don’t have your activities in sync, shoe tracking means nothing.

On the other hand, Polars official tracking tools are just beautiful, but no shoe tracking and no social tooling at all. I guess it makes sense for Polar not to focus on the social side a lot. I’m not sure if a vendor-specific site can welcome everyone :) That’s fine. I love Polar’s web site to crunch the numbers and dig into the data. But why no shoe tracking Polar?

Strava it is :) Interestingly most of my friends switched to Strava recently. It is not like Strava is innovating and releasing a new feature every week. They are painfully slow too. But, they do have shoe tracking and beautiful syncing with Polar. That’s all I need right now.

The Plan?

The plan for the next month is pretty different :) I will start weight training. My plan is to do four times 1-hour long weight training sessions every week. I might touch on the details of my plan for these sessions in another post. I still want to keep my cardio as it is. Currently, I’m doing 160 minutes of cardio per week. I will keep it. I didn’t decide on how to do that yet. I want to keep some flexibility there :) It might be 4x40 minutes, or maybe some 2x60 minutes and 1x40. Who knows? My overall plan is to expand the training days into 6 days a week by combining cardio and weight training. While doing that I will try to plan my weight training days into 2 + 2 days chunks. Here is an example;

This isn’t a strict plan tough. My goals are;

I will play with my plan and flex it if needed while trying to hit the three goals above. I’m expecting my body composition to change a lot during the first month. It might mean more water retention or more glycogen storage. We will see how that turns out :)

With that, see you next month ;)