2019 Report

This has been an exciting year with some excellent achievements. My weight loss journey got completed, and I transitioned into a healthy living mindset. I managed to run a total of 1200kms and exercise a minimum of 40 minutes for 247 days! Our family welcomed a new member :) Yay! I started a new master’s degree! Though starting isn’t necessarily an achievement, still, it feels good. I read 50 books! What else? You may ask.

On the business side of my life, we managed to ship a plethora of new features and expanded into Amazon Fire and Google Chrome Store while doing it. I learned a lot!

On the community side, I did 30 talks in 14 different cities. That’s a little higher compared to 2018. My total travel stats show 181 days of travel, which is more than half of the year, visiting 31 cities, and eight countries. That is a lot. Last year we kicked off two projects, teknolot meetup group, and giik.fm podcast. The podcast pretty much failed. We didn’t publish regularly. The meetup group went pretty well. We organized seven gatherings throughout the year. The total number of members increased from 1019 to currently 4139 people.

If that is what you are expecting at the end of an annual blog post, a yearly resolution isn’t my thing. I do have plans, wants, desires and so on, but I’m not too fond of the idea of being bound to those for a full year. I prefer shorter cycles :) but I like to look back and assess the long term progress. That’s what this blog post was about. I had to document this somewhere :)

Here is my new year gift to you my dear reader :) A wallpaper I shot during my drip to Copenhagen last year.

Thanks for reading.