11 Months and Lost 53kgs / 117lbs

Did you notice that? No weight loss this month :) I was wondering when this would happen. After increasing my caloric intake to 2200 cal/day to match with the weight training additions to my weekly plans, I was expecting to put some weight. That didn’t happen, but this months weight loss happened to be pretty low.

This months average weight loss based on the trendline is just 600 grams / 1.3lbs. That’s it :) To be honest, I can see a fair amount of transformation in my body in a positive direction. I can’t quantify that at this point. With that said, my plan for August is to decrease my daily caloric intake to 2000 cal/day to see how it will affect the weight loss speed.

July was a pretty good month until the end of it :) At the end of the month, I had to take some time off for some personal matters. The first four weeks, as seen above, are just the perfect execution of my weekly plan. The final week is still in progress, and I plan to hit my weekly goals with some stretch. I will still do 4 days of weight training and 4 days of running but in 5 days, instead of 6.

Some educational news!

After getting the CPR training last month, I decided to chip at some health training every month. This months winner was the Biohacking Your Brain’s Health course at Coursera. It is a 4-week course that you can quickly finish in four days if you focus :) The course focuses on brain health by en emphasis on nutrition, exercise, meditation, and sleep.

To me, the most striking part was the benefits of meditation and exposure to the science behind it. For me, August will be a tough month to focus on creating a new habit, but I want to give meditation a try before the end of 2019. Hold me accountable!

This is pretty much it for July! For August, my plan is to decrease my caloric intake to 2000 cal/day and keep the current exercise regimen as it is. I will have a couple of travels during August. We will see how that ends :)

See you next month!

Oh by the way, next months update will be titled “1 Year Gone” :) Exciting!