Week 6 Status = 137.2kg / 302lbs

This has been a hard week. Not that I had a hard time to stick with my diet, it was just hard to watch my weight hover around the same numbers. If it was not for today’s measurement my weekly report could have only been “no progress.”

If you look at the chart above the whole week was pretty dull. I had already made my mind to add some exercise to my routine for next week. Now, I’m not sure! Today’s measurement made me question if I’m still somewhat in a plateau or just broke through it. If that plateau is gone away, there might be no need to add more exercise for now. Overall my trend line looks pretty good. But there is one important metric, my non-scientific calculations :) of monthly daily deficit average has gone down to 1398 cal/day for October, from 2026 cal/day for September. My average weekly weight loss was 1,84kg/4lbs for September. So far for October, it is 1,27 kg/2.8lbs. There is definitely a slowdown. As you might remember from my old posts, my target is 8-10kgs / 17-22lbs of weight loss per month till I hit 110kgs/242lbs. With my current average for October, It is not going to happen. I guess it is time to add some exercise :)

Here is my plan; I will still not eat after 6 PM, again no sugar, no starchy food. Nothings changed from the nutritional perspective. I will add three days of exercise to my routine. Ideally, these should not be consecutive days to give the body enough time to recover, and overall spread out the metabolism boost to the whole week. I will do indoor cycling. I will keep my heart rate around 135-140 bpm. I should do another post about heart rate monitors :) Till I do that, here is how you can fine-tune exercise intensity without a heart rate monitor. Watch your breath, if you are not able to speak comfortably, and can’t say more than 3-4 sentences in one shot, that’s what we are looking for. You should still be able to talk, but should not be able to do long chats :) This measurement will make sure you hit the right exercise intensity. My sessions will be 40 minutes long. Every session will start with a 5 minutes warm-up and end with a 5 minutes cool down. I will do my sessions early morning with an empty stomach where insulin resistance is at its lowest. My breakfast will be after my exercise.

That’s all :) I’m already excited to see the results for next week. To be honest, it was kind of hard for me to keep myself away from exercising. Exercising itself makes it easier to eat healthy because you don’t want to ruin the 40 minutes effort you put in the morning with a silly snack during the day :) It just pushes you to stay in the diet. I’m kind of happy I’m at a point where I need to add some exercise to boost my results.

Stay tuned for some more content for the next days :) not just status reports ;)