Week 5 Status = 138.1kg / 304.5lbs

Another week has gone. I have lost a total of 1.3kgs / 2.8lbs for this week. It is not huge, but its a step forward. It is kind of a low number to hit my 10kgs / 22lbs per month target, but I will keep calm and not react on merely a week’s results. Instead, let’s look at the big picture.

Above is my all-time weight chart with a trend line. The trend always goes down at a steady pace. The section where it appears to be plateaued is simply the days I was not able to weight myself. Other than that, all good trend line going down.

However, if you look at the actual weight recording, you can group them into plateau sections. Especially, plateau 1 in the graph is a pretty obvious one. Plateau 2 is relatively small, but keep in mind it is still a six days long plateau. At such a point If you go crazy reacting to your weekly results, it will be just a bad judgment. Plateau 3 is what I think I’m in right now. I might have gone out of it with today’s measurement. Who knows? :) and that’s where my plan for next week comes in… keep it going with no change.

I will keep doing what I do, and continue monitoring. At this point, I don’t want to introduce a premature change to my diet. If my pace goes down to 1kgs / 2.2lbs per week, I will add some exercise. As long as I’m around 8-10kgs / 17-22lbs per month, I will consider it a good pace.

How was the week? You might ask :) I had a couple of challenges. Some business meetings forced me to eat around 1 PM which I usually don’t. If you have been following me for a while, you know I’m doing breakfast and a big dinner around 5-6PM. Having a forced lunch at 1 PM forced me not to eat for the rest of the day, which is longer than the usual. Another challenge was a couple (not one!) celebrations I had to attend and enjoy watching people eat cakes! Oh, another challenge was my trip to Greece during the weekend :) Do I need to say they have delicious food? I guess the 2-3 hours long nature walks helped balancing out some of my cheat meals there, nothing huge though. So.. as you see, it is a constant battle, but you get used to it. I already did. I remember reading research at some point that suggested one loses the memory of a taste if you don’t eat/feel that for three weeks. I have already past that threshold. Still, no sugar, no starchy food.

We will see what we got next week ;) See you.