Week 4 Status = 139.4kg / 307lbs

It’s been a month! To be correct, four weeks :) A month with no starchy food, no bread, no sugar and (mostly) no eating after 6 PM. Throughout the month I had a couple of business, and pleasure trips :) I managed to keep the diet on. For the last two weeks, out of natural inclinations, I found myself eating only two meals. A lightweight breakfast and a big dinner around 4-6PM. Some days I had to eat a little bit late around 7-8PM because of family gatherings, or friends. I compensated that by skipping breakfast the next day. I was feeling pretty full in the morning anyway :)

If you look at the chart above the trend line is always pointing down. However, between 14th to 21st weight recordings were not that pretty. I kept getting numbers around 142kgs/313lbs for a week. Based on daily weight records I had lost only 0.7kg/1.5lbs during week 3. I knew it was a matter of getting things settled. The first two weeks I lost weight fast, and that had to be balanced. Just at the end of week 4, I started dropping piles of weight again :) After four weeks I’m now 139.4kgs/307lbs with a total loss of 10.6kgs/23.3lbs.

Looking at a trend line instead of daily accomplishments is critical. Most of the weight tracking apps have some trend line implementation you can use. I’m planning a separated blog post about the tools I’m using :) Stay tuned.

So, what’s the plan? My plan is the same, nothing exciting. Last week I was thinking about adding some exercise into the soup, but my plateau didn’t last long. I feel like things are still in good shape. I will keep doing what I do and monitor the progress.

See you next week ;)