Week 3 Status = 142kg / 313lbs

Not a very exciting result right? I simply lost only 0.7kg/1.5lbs during the last week. Compared to previous weeks this might look like a disappointment, but in reality, this is pretty much steady progress. Now that my body has gone rid of the water weight, there is a big chance this weeks weight loss is from fat tissue. If that’s the case, we are looking into a weekly caloric deficit of 6300, resulting in a 900cal/day deficit. That’s beautiful.

The issue is, with this pace, it will take 15 months for me to get down to 100kgs. To be honest, it is not an issue. If you don’t get your mindset into the long-term game, you will lose the end game anyway. That’s literally what happened to me the last time around. However, I still want to be able to run as soon as possible. Starting running is one of my main goals, motivation source right now. To make that happen, I need to be at least 110kgs. If I can do that till March 2019 that would be great. That gives me five months. With my current weight, I need to lose 6.5kgs / month to get there. End of the third week is not the ideal time to start calculating monthly goals, but so far I have lost 8kgs, and I’m already on track with my 6.5kgs/month goal. I’m not going to worry a lot with my weekly results. With that said, I will see how things will move next week. It will give me enough data to decide if I need to change anything in my diet or add some exercise to speed up things.

The goal for next week is the same as the last. Try not to eat after 6 PM. No sugar, no starchy food. I have relaxed some of my other rules :) Drinks with artificial sweeteners are ok if they are mixed with additional mineral water. I’m trying to include some flavor into the plain mineral water by adding 30% artificially sweetened drinks. I’m not forcing myself to get the breakfast done. Sometimes I don’t feel like it. I get a bigger, better lunch instead. Last week, a couple of times I had a single big meal per day. That’s getting me into the intermitted fasting diet, but I’m doing it for the convenience only, not necessarily pushing myself into that direction. I will monitor how much weight I will lose next week. I feel like I’m getting into a plateau. If things keep slowing down more I might take some action :) We will see.

Next week ;)