Week 1 Status = 144.4KGs / 318lbs

You might have noticed that at the end of my last post I specifically said: “I will focus on my next three days.” That’s what I did. I did manage to stay in the diet for the first three days and the following days just came along. The idea is not to focus on the long-term goal, instead, take a small bite and focus only on the next three days. Once the first three days are gone, focus on the next three weeks :) That’s my plan right now.

The first-week results are in. I have lost a total of 5.6KGs (12lbs) weight. There is no way that is fat :) Most of it is water loss because of the glycogen reserves in muscle tissue getting depleted, and maybe some gastrointestinal clean up (if you know what I mean) that happened because of diet change. Long story short, I might, or I might not have lost fat, but I’m sure I have lost weight that needs to be gone.

Just for those getting ready to comment below :) there is no way I would have lost muscle with roughly 2000+ calories/day diet in a week. Again, I didn’t calculate any calories, but I have a rough idea of how much I’m eating from old dieting experiences.

I did not do any exercise during the week. That was the plan :) To give you an idea, my daily average steps taken is 3500 for the week. Sedentary lifestyle it is :)

I will just keep it rolling as it is. No sugar, no starchy food, and no food after 6 PM. See you next week!

Hey, if you are dieting with me, or just started, let me know your progress in the comments below ;)