Starting at 150KGs, 330lbs

If you are one of the people, who start dieting every Monday you will understand how much willpower it takes beginning to diet on the 1st of a month which is a Saturday :) My inner voice says “why don’t you give a fresh start on Monday? It’s just your last weekend.” That’s precisely the inner voice that will never let you diet in the long run. So, I said “nope” and starting my diet today, September 1st.

Weighing yourself should be considered the official launch of a diet :) I got two measurements with my old Withings Scale. It looks like I’m averaging 150kg (330lbs). A good, round number to start.

Here is my plan; I will cut all starch and sugar out of my diet. That’s all. No exercise, nothing additional for now. I want to see how much it will affect my weight and fine tune accordingly. Oh, just another huge change I’m planning to do; cut all diet soda. I’m not against artificial sweeteners, but at this weight, I don’t think they will help. Artificial sweeteners, when consumed in conjunction with real-food, do not hurt a lot. However, when you try to use it to replace sugar cravings, it does not work. Your blood sugar level gets a spike because of the fake sugar, and your body getting no calories out of that drink leave you merely with high blood sugar levels and more cravings.

I’m not planning to weight, plan, schedule everything I eat. Besides the three rules I have put above I have one other rule about scheduling eating habits. Don’t eat after 6 PM. That’s it. No fruits, no milk, no food, nothing after 6 PM. The rest will be all random. Before writing this post, I had my breakfast and tough it would be good to share what I ate. To be honest, it was my wife who prepped that plate, and the only instruction I gave her was “2 eggs please” :) Eggs are beautiful things if you are on a diet. A perfect balance of all nutrients. I love that she included some walnuts. Though don’t go nuts with nuts :) They are heavy in fat, and slight overeating can slow down, or prevent all your weight loss plans.

All in all, you might say “hey If I did all that I’m sure I would lose fat as well” and that’s the idea. There is no magic trick or an easy way out of obesity. This is all about being able to take the right steps in the correct order and making sure you don’t try to rush into it. It takes time. For now, I will focus on my next three days :) and stick with my plan.

Final note; If you like to be updated more frequently about my journey try my Instagram account and watch for stories :)