Serverless Meetup Istanbul

Yesterday was the day of Serverless Meetup for Istanbul. Last month I had the chance to speak about Azure Functions at the Serverless Meetup in Ankara. As a follow-up, we had already planned to do the same in Istanbul as well. It happened yesterday :) Thanks for the Serverless Turkey Meetup team taking care of logistics for these events. I have been doing it in the past, and I know how hard it is to keep a meetup group up and running. Kudos to the team!

Getting started with Azure Functions and Serverless

As always the highlight of the day was, again, Durable Functions. No surprises there. I’m eagerly looking forward to the GA of Durable Functions. I’m planning to write a comparison of AWS Step Functions vs Azure Logic Apps and Durable Functions at some point. Stay tuned.

In case you did not grab the slides yet, here they are ;)

See you on the next one.