Google Developer Group Devfest Izmir 2018

Another legendary weekend went :) After my session at Google DevFest Antalya I got invited to another city, Izmir for another Google DevFest. This one ended up being a short day trip because of some other business I had to get done during my weekend. None the less it was a fantastic event, with an enthusiastic audience. I wish it didn’t start at 4.30AM though. :D I had to take a flight to Izmir at 7 AM and that required me waking up at 4.30AM. It is kind of wild for Saturday, isn’t it?

Google DevFest Izmir

Thanks to everyone making the event happen. Thanks to the GDG Izmir team for all their efforts. The deck for my session is here, it is the same as the one I used in Antalya :) See you on the next one.