Google Developer Group Devfest Antalya 2018

What a weekend! Yesterday I took a one-hour long flight to Antalya, Turkey for the annual Google Developer Community DevFest conference. It was soo much fun :) The event organizers were so enthusiastic and full of energy, they made my whole day an amazing one. I will be honest; sometimes when I speak at a conference, my visit happens to be just about my session. I don’t know why, or how, but somehow I don’t feel at home outside the time slot I’m given to speak. You might imagine that a Google conference can be precisely that for someone like me who usually talks about Microsoft stack. Contrary I had so much fun with all the lovely speakers, students organizing the event and everyone else! Thanks to the GDG Antalya team for having me! Hope to see you next year again :)

Google DevFest Antalya

My session for the day was about Azure Cognitive Services, and I had some nice Azure Functions demos squeezed in it. Here are the slides in case you want to give it a look. I like services/technologies that can enable developers to do more in a very short time. Both Cognitive Services and Azure Functions are exactly that! Now, go and try these out yourselves if you still didn’t look into any of the turn-key AI APIs in Azure Cognitive Services.

See you next time ;)

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