Azure DevOps Days Istanbul 2018

Yesterday was crazy! I had two events to speak in two separated cities :) Both events deserve separate blog posts, so there we go with the first one.

The first event for the day was “Azure DevOps Day Istanbul”. 12 speakers (8 MPVs) in a single day / track meant every speaker had only 20 minutes to present their topic. Short presentations are always a challenge. As short as the presentation time gets as long as it takes to get prepared for it :) Luckily I picked a pretty niche / narrow topic to make it easy for me; PaC (Pipeline-As-Code). Here you can find the presentation I used.

Azure DevOps Days Istanbul 2018

Thanks to our local user group MSHowTo for organizing the event. They have been very flexible in letting me have the first session for the day so that I can fly to Antalya for my second event for the day. Very appreciated.

You think that was it for my Saturday here? Wait for my next blog post.