4 Months Gone, Lost 32.6kgs / 71.8lbs

Let me admit; this was a slow month. Not in the context of activities :) I had two international trips and many local travels to do. It was just slow in the context of losing weight. I was expecting my weight loss to slow down while the total amount of fat in my body decreases. It is just how it works. When you got a lot of weight to lose it is easier to shed it out.

My total weight loss for December is 6kgs / 13lbs. This is not a bad number. I wished to keep my 10kg/22lbs per month pace till I got down to 110kgs/242lbs. It looks like I will need to increase the intensity of my exercise routine for the next round :)

Above you can see all my cardio sessions done during December. I was able to stick with my three days per months 40 minutes long cardio sessions. Even with the amount of cardio you can see that for most of the days I ended up not hitting my daily activity goal. It just shows how sedentary my life is outside the cardio sessions :)

My plan for January is to ramp up the cardio a little and do four 40 minutes sessions per week. This should give me an additional boost in metabolism and 600 calories into my deficit bucket. My diet will stay the same. It already morphed into one meal a day diet. I’m trying to stay away from starchy food, sugar and anything fried :)

That’s all for now! See you next year! :)