2 Months Gone, Lost 17.9kgs / 39.5lbs

It’s been two months I have started dieting :) To be honest, It has been a while that I don’t feel any hunger or craving about anything. I just got used to it. For the past two weeks, I added three days of cardio, each for 40 minutes to boost my metabolism a little bit. That really helped to get across the plateau. Besides the addition of some cardio, I did not change anything about my diet, or general rules. I still try not to eat after 6 PM. I don’t eat starchy food, sugar. That’s all. I actually ended up eating a single meal a day and totally switched to intermitted fasting. I did not force myself into this, it was just convenience. It is just easier to eat a single meal a day instead of scheduling, trying to balance multiple meals. You simply get the rest of your day free of “will I be able to find something healthy to eat there?” type of worries.

Green area above is the difference in weight with the previous months recording.

I have lost a total of 17.9kgs / 39.5lbs in two months. This might sound like too fast and unhealthy, but it is not. If your body fat percentage is higher than 35% losing this much fat is easy-peasy :) Your body does not get into a panic mode, does not starve anything because there is soo much fat already in the reserve. If I had only 18kgs to lose I’m sure I couldn’t do it in two months. In my case, I still have 30kgs / 66lbs to lose. As lean as you get it simply gets harder to lose fat. Right now, I’m in the first easy rounds of fat loss, and that’s why it goes fast.

What’s the plan moving forward? The same :) I don’t intend to change anything. I’m happy with the results and will keep doing what I do as long as it gives results. I’m already down to 2XL from 3XL :)

See you next time ;)