What has Azure to Offer to IoT Developers?

This past weekend I had the chance to speak at the online IoT With The Best Conference. Apparently, my session was just after the keynote, a usually popular spot :) The thing I love about the With The Best conference is how they stay vendor-free. My session titled “What has Azure to offer to IoT Developers?” was just after a keynote hosted by a Chief Evangelist at Amazon. If you look at their agenda, you can see how diverse the session topics and speakers are. Kudos to the conference team! They have done a great job before, after and during the conference with all their support.

As my session title suggests, this is more of a high-level introduction to Azure from an IoT Developers perspective. If you are doing IoT work and would like to have a 101, what’s in it for me type of content about Azure, this is it. During my demos, I focused mainly on device provisioning, device-to-cloud and cloud-to-device messaging. Below is the full recording of the session. Enjoy!