Talking Serverless Framework at VoxxedDays Belgrade

This week I was in Belgrade for the VoxxedDays Belgrade conference. This might be my second, or third VoxxedDays so far. It is kind of unusual for someone like me (working mostly on the Microsoft stack) to speak at VoxxedDays (being primarily a Java conference). Interestingly these are the type of conferences I like most.

The topic for my session was Serverless. Considering the not-so-Microsoft atmosphere of the conference I wanted to focus on the cross-vendor aspect of the serverless story. That got us into the Serverless Framework.

What a sleek PIP :)

Unfortunately, there isn’t a single recording of my session, but there is a full day recording of the track with multiple sessions. While you enjoy it here is the slide deck I used during my session.

See you next time.