Talking Serverless at Webrazzi Developer 2017 Conference

A couple of weeks ago I received a pretty challenging invitation to a large and prestigious conference in Turkey. I didn’t just have to fit my talk into a short, twenty minutes slot. I had to do it very good as well :) So, what was the conference? It was the Webrazzi Developer Summit 2017. Webrazzi, being one of the most influential technology blogs in Turkey, runs one of the most prominent internet conferences in the country. “Webrazzi Developer Summit 2017” is their first attempt extending it to the developer audience.

Webrazzi Developer Conference Serverless Session

They asked me what I would like to speak about, and as you might guess my choice was serverless and Azure Functions. Unfortunately, I couldn’t squeeze in a demo, but I’m hoping I did a good job motivating the crowd, getting them excited about the topic so that they would like to continue their research online.

My session was titled “No Server, No Cry” inspired by the well-known Bob Marley song :) Feel free to grab the deck here and watch the recording of the session below. Make sure you pick English subtitles if you are not one of my Turkish readers :) Enjoy.