Serverless Training and Meetup in Istanbul

Serverless is catching up! I just hosted a one-day serverless training for Microsoft Turkey this week, which might be the first one ever in the country. We had a wide variety of topics starting from eventing to function orchestration. Of course, Azure Functions is the king of the town, but when it comes to creating a full-blown serverless app, you need to make sure you got services like Azure API Management, Azure Event Grid and CosmosDB in the picture.

Microsoft Turkey Serverless Training

Just the next day of the training, I got invited to speak about Serverless at the local Microsoft Entrepreneurship Meetup group for their December meetup. Having a full day content ready to go made it easy to mix and match my presentations based on attendee interest, and questions. As usual, I got all my slides uploaded here.

Serverless at Microsoft Entrepreneurship Meetup December 2017

Hit me on twitter if you have any questions ;) Hopefully, see you next year ;)