10 Years in the MVP Program

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July 1st, 2017 marks my 10th year receiving the Microsoft MVP Award from Microsoft. For those of you following me on twitter this might be old news. I just wanted to get my hands on the 10-Year Ring before I blog about it :)

The journey

I was 24 when I wrote my first book. It was a 700 pages behemoth covering only ASP.NET AJAX. My motivation and dedication back in those days still surprises me today :) Once the book got readership, community speaking opportunities literally poured in. I started speaking in local community events, got invited into conferences and loved it. Apparently Microsoft loved what I'm doing as well. I received my first award in 2008. I was a proud ASP.NET MVP.

The rest is mostly a repeating story of blogging, writing, speaking about what I do and what I work with. What I work with is the more interesting part. After focusing on the server side for years I found myself doing Silverlight :) On my second year I received the MVP Award for Silverligth and kept working on client-side for three years. To be honest I did some Windows Phone work as well. We all know how that story ends right?

In October 2008, during PDC in Los Angeles Microsoft announced "Windows Azure", currently knows as "Microsoft Azure". Microsoft's PAAS offerings actually pulled me back to server side from client work. Back then Azure was not available in our region. Of course that did not stop me :) As you might have guessed my next MVP Award came from Azure. Today, I'm still an Azure MVP.

Time flies

During the 10 years I have been in the program things have changed. I had the chance to work with multiple product groups and some very talented MVP Program Leads. When I look back the MVP Program has a huge contribution in who I'm today. Remember, I was 24 when I got my first award. I'm not saying it was all blue skies but the investment Microsoft puts out there for its MVPs is second to none in the industry. It is part of the company culture.

So what?

This is pretty much a "Thank You" note to everyone involved in the MVP Program for the last 10 years and before. The impact of the MVP Program is immeasurable. For those of you who think, "Hey, I know that lady should be awarded as well!" (We have enough guys /joking /obviously) here is the link for nomination ;)

See you next time.